CIOU Viola Davies case2

Episode 3

Starring: Viola Davis

Neolith® colors featured: Blanco Carrara and Zaha Stone Calacatta and Arctic White

The episode takes place in Minneapolis. We watch as the Award-winning actress Viola Davis (‘The Help,’ ‘How to Get Away with Murder’), and the Scott brothers and their design team unite. Their goal: to remodel an entire home. The owner, Michelle, is Viola´s former acting school roommate and best friend of 30 years. The renovations are to celebrate her strength and bravery as a mother and cancer survivor.

Several stunning highlights stand out in the makeover. First, they included an open floor plan. Next, they designed a new contemporary kitchen. Lastly, they put together a comfortable space in which she can relax and unwind.

Neolith® Calacatta Polished was specified for Michelle’s desk. The choice added visual interest to the peaceful surroundings. Arctic White Polished countertops provided a crisp aesthetic in the kitchen.

All Neolith® material used in the Viola Davis episode was provided in collaboration with Neolith® ’s distributing partner Stone Design ב-Glendale Heights, באילינוי.

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