Minimum Thickness

One of the characteristics that make Neolith stand out is how thin it is as it comes in thicknesses of 3, 6, 12 and 20 mm. The difference in their use varies based on the intended purpose.

For furniture and interior tiling, using 3 mm is recommended; for flooring (interior and exterior) and exterior tiling (like ventilated facades), 6 mm is recommended; whereas 12 mm is reserved for more demanding product uses such as for kitchen countertops.


3 (1/8″) 3+ (1/8″) 6 (1/4″) 6+ (1/4″) 12 (1/2″) 20 (3/4″)
Interior paneling
Interior flooring
Exterior natural stone facade
Exterior paving
Ventilated facade with exposed anchoring
Ventilated facade with hidden anchoring
High-traffic paving
Interior paneling over the material
Indoor paving over the material

Table: Recommended uses based on Neolith thicknesses
(+) represents slabs reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

Other Features of Neolith®

The NEOLITH® Technology

After years dedicated to exhaustive research and a commitment to innovation, TheSize now has a production plant that houses machinery and equipment which is state-of-the-art in the architectural surface sector.