Top Fabricator

My Neolith Project

National Edition

Project Name: Retiro Residential Project

Winner: LMG Reformas - Interiorismo

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Distributor: Neolith Madrid

Brief description:

A thoughtful design and installation offering the right balance between a complex house yet a great safe haven in which to relax. The project transmits a monochromatic style that flows throughout the residence, achieved by choosing one color, Neolith® Iron Corten as the protagonist for interior and exterior spaces.

There is a great understanding and harmony between the fabricator and the Sintered Stone, which was demonstrated in various aspects, such as the interesting asymmetric exterior wall cladding, in addition to other incredible forms of distributing Neolith in the project in various shapes and formats.

Global Edition

Project Name: Masters of Luxury Amsterdam

Winner: Stone&Skills and Jan Reek Natuursteen

Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands

Distributor: Michel Oprey & Beisterveld

Brief description:

Taking inspiration from Vivaldi for unique installation at Masters of LXRY, with a "four seasons" theme, the participants have highlighted the ways in which Neolith can be cut and fabricated, not merely as a functional item, but also as a decorative, even artistic feature.

Creating a set of musical instruments from Neolith, including an ornamental violin and piano, which playfully nodded to the golden age of classical music during the event. A holistic experience as described by the project implementers: "When you step in our stand you step in a truly neolith world with several special items all made of Neolith. You’ll find nature, rest and luxury".