Colors for Projects

Starting from 2.000 sqm (21.500 sqft) for 6 mm and 2.500 sqm (27.000 sqft) for 3 mm thickness, Neolith® makes available a series of different models to choose from for large scale projects. Ask your nearest distributor for more information.

Neolith Venice Midnight

Venice Midnight

Neolith Moonlight


Sofía Cuprum Grey

Sofía Cuprum Grey

Neolith Scandinavia


boheme b02

La Bohème B02

steel marengo

Steel Marengo

neolith basalt ash

Basalt Ash

concrete taupe

Concrete Taupe

blanco carrara bc01

Carrara BC01

neolith estatuario e02

Estatuario E02

neolith estatuario e03

Estatuario E03

estatuario e04

Estatuario E04

neolith estatuario e06

Estatuario E06

neolith estatuario e07

Estatuario E07

neolith estatuario e08

Estatuario E08

neolith iron blue

Iron Blue

neolith iron ash

Iron Ash

neolith iron silver

Iron Silver

neolith iron green

Iron Green

neolith marfil


neolith pietra serena

Pietra Serena

neolith jura stone

Jura Stone

neolith belgian blue

Belgian Blue

neolith textil black

Textil Black

neolith piacentina


neolith magma


neolith nero marquina pencil vein

Nero Marquina Pencil Vein

neolith onyx


neolith taj mahal 1

Taj Mahal

neolith strata argentum 7006

Strata Argentum 7006

neolith timber arancio

Timber Arancio

neolith timber ice

Timber Ice

neolith timber night

Timber Night

neolith timber oak

Timber Oak

neolith timber ash

Timber Ash

neolith travertino clasico

Travertino Clásico

neolith travertino navona

Travertino Navona

neolith light travertino

Light Travertino

neolith valanges


neolith verde legenda

Verde Legenda

neolith amarillo legenda

Amarillo Legenda

neolith rojo qatar

Rojo Qatar

neolith mela


neolith cobalto


neolith chocolate


neolith arancio


neolith moka