Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar


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Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar

Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar

Neolith® in the European restaurant with the best design

Aürt Restaurant at the Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar, was just honored with The International Hotel & Property Awards 2019 Best Design in a European Restaurant 2019.

Artur Martínez is the Michelin-star chef in this culinary space located in the lobby of the recently renovated Hilton Hotel in Barcelona. An extensive recent remodeling of the rooms, meeting areas, lobby and restaurant at the hands of architect Manuela Mannino and Nick Hickson, director of the architecture and interior design studio in charge of the project.

Aürt Restaurant has been a true revolution for Hilton, as it has become an amazing dining experience where guests can watch how the dishes are prepared and, in parallel, learn about the origin of all the foods, to finally savor them at the high tables arranged around the chef.

"We wanted the food to play the leading role, creating a culinary experience in which the chef could be directly in front of his guests," explained Nick Hickson on Channel COMER.

The prize-winning restaurant fits just perfectly in the hotel lobby. For the remodelling, materials with extraordinary quality were chosen and "a limited color palette, simple and bold with austere angular shapes to keep attention wholly on the food," explains the British architect.

Luxury and style with Neolith®

Due to its technical properties and extensive color range, Neolith® was the material chosen for the walls, countertops and furniture in the hotel restaurant, bar and lobby.

The Mirage model adds subtlety, which covers all the restaurant walls. A neutral, albeit textured, tone that contrasts nicely with the red oxide of Neolith® Iron Cortenfully and spectacularly covering all the furniture in the kitchen, bar and restaurant areas. In addition to countertops and a monolith on which the dishes are prepared in the area called Ma'i, where different beverages can be sampled.

An explosion of color with a unique metallic touch that adds great personality and impact to the space. It also imbues the area with warmth, creating intimacy among the select group of diners in the restaurant, located in an area with a lot of light.

"We finally have a staging that fits extremely well with our cuisine, giving us total visibility in the hotel, but also intimacy, despite being completely open," states the chef.

We finally have a staging that fits extremely well with our cuisine, giving us total visibility in the hotel, but also intimacy, despite being completely open

states the chef.

In the hotel lobby, there are elegant counters with volumes covered in Neolith® Zaha StoneThe gray tones with subtle white veins welcome guests to the exclusive Hotel Hilton.

In this elegant setting surrounded by design, guests can also sit down, while admiring the auxiliary furniture covered in Neolith® Calatorao. Its bright gold veins and intense dark gray color add warmth and character to the rest of the lobby area.

This award is very prestigious, and there were a large number of excellent restaurants in this category, so we consider ourselves very fortunate

says Hickson.

A recognition that is well-deserved, whose restaurant showcases a contemporary design, inspired by the Mediterranean and the city of Barcelona, pairing perfectly with the culinary philosophy of chef Artur Martínez. With a material as innovative and versatile as Sintered Stone, which provides added value to the numerous ambiances created. A material like Neolith® that lets the interior designer's imagination soar, to create such incredible and unique spaces as this restaurant, and give diners the opportunity to have a true culinary experience with a whole lot of style.

Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar