Neolith® at the Provença Station


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Neolith® on Barcelona’s subway

Neolith® on Barcelona’s subway

Sintered Stone covers the renovated Provença subway station in Barcelona

Recently inaugurated, Barcelona’s well-known Provença station is the second busiest station in the rail system with more than 4,500 users during rush hours. Thus, a platform extension was necessary to improve the quality of this public transportation.

The station had a platform access problem and congestion issues at certain times because of the high number of users

Xavier Flores, Director General of Mobility Infrastructures of the Generalitat de Catalunya

A side gallery was opened to expand the platform in the Sarrià direction from three to eight net meters. This work significantly enhanced the accessibility and safety since a new entrance was built over the expanded part of the platform with fixed stairs and an elevator in addition to new emergency exits.

Long-lasting and easy-to-maintain materials

From an architectural perspective, the main objective was to conserve the current image of the entire line. This image features engineering that matches dignified finishes which are long-lasting and functional. Therefore, easy-to-maintain non-combustible materials were needed in addition to anti-vandalism, resistant and detachable materials.

This was possible by choosing a material like Neolith®. The large format and minimal thickness perfectly fit the construction requirements. The cut possibilities and minimal maintenance also did.

Neolith Estación Provenza
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Implementing Neolith®

The Neolith® fixing systems were another reason for choosing Sintered Stone as both systems used comply with the applicable fire prevention standards.

Neolith® Arctic White was the model chosen to cover the 50-meter gallery, both for the curvy and horizontal areas where the Strongfix systemwas used, as well as for the vertical walls using the HC System.

The initial project, however, suggested vitrified steel paneling. Upon switching materials and choosing Neolith®, the existing geometry was modified as the paneling was adapted to the polygonal shapes with large-format Neolith® slabs.

The Strongfix facade system perfectly matched the required needs of having to position the slabs at different angles to adjust to the steel substructure and create an arch. Luckily, this system adapts to both vertical and horizontal walls

Vicente Giménez Neolith® Projects Department

For the extension of the lobby, the model has also been chosen Neolith® Arctic White for the vertical walls of the expanded passageway for more spaciousness and light as well as an impeccable look. To contrast with the immaculate white, the Nero model in a Satin finish was used for the platform pillars.

For a station as important and busy as Provença, which is right in the heart of Barcelona, we needed material with a noble look. And Neolith® also meets this need

Project architects

Neolith® at the Provença Station